What Our Friends Say

Word is out, dolls.  Here's what some of our customers have raved about ...


"Not going to lie, I’m pretty obsessed with WDSM and their fun t-shirts right now."  --- Sally @living_4_sunshine

     And we are obsessed with you, too, Sally!  #onetofollow  

"This shirt is so comfy, I'd sleep in it every day if I could"  --- Lauren

     Thanks, Lauren.  We totally agree.  LYLAS!  

"Every time I wear my shirt, someone asks where I found it."  --- Nicole

     Spread the good word, Nicole!  We give back to the community with every shirt sold.  

"This tee is SO soft + the color is the prettiest heather orange that will compliment all your outfits this season! Best of all they give 10% of their sales back to local charities that serve families, women & children. "  --- Maddie @simplyxmagdelina

     Yep, our passion is making the world a better place and if shirts can help ... let's do it, y'all!  Thanks sweet girl for the kind comment!    

"Seriously, I love each one of them!  So proud of you, sweet girl."  --- Mom

     Awwww.... thanks, Mom.  XO